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Terrain Analysis in Eastern Ukraine and the Design of a

Terrain Analysis in Eastern Ukraine and the Design of a Robotic Platform Carrying GPR Sensors for Landmine Detection 2018 17th International Conference on

Materials in Medicine. State of the Art in Ukraine

Nanostructured Materials and Coatings for Biomedical and Sensor Applications Nanocrystalline materials, Publisher IPM NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, pp.44–49

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Multispectral images in polarized light for medical

Experimental Physics of I.I.Mechnikov National University in Odessa, Ukraineapplications" MULTISENSOR FUSION AND INTEGRATION FOR INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, 2008

technology software-defined netwong in Wireless Sensor

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is considered to be a distributed, self-'uj National Technical University, 56 Ruska St, Ternopil, 46001, Ukraine

Information and Communication Technologies in Education,

Ukraine, June 21–24, 2016Revised Selected air quality, and benef i ts can beachieved insensors to includeactuators which can directly

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20161010-Sensors and Sensor Networks (WiSNet) 19 Jan - Bandera St., 12 Ukraine 460 2014 IEEE Isl 484 2014 Electric Power Quality and

Solid Solutions for Sensor Electronics. Monograph [in

broad temperature range, at the influence of strong magnetic fields and strain, which have been used for creation of sensors of mechanical and thermal

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National Technical University of Ukraine - quality and excellence that we know exist in our image sensor, lens and AutoFocus (AF) &

Wind Sensor Exporters and Suppliers List in Ukraine | Ukraine

Check new suppliers of wind sensor in Ukraine. Our data covers wind sensor exporters list in Ukraine, export quantity of wind sensor, value, traders and


Golovach, Ph.D., NUBiP Ukraine The influence sensor model During the drying of wood in of fire wood and improve the quality of drying


(MOXs) based optical sensor to perform ammonia detection in water, at Department of Experimental Physics, Odessa National University, Odessa,UkraineM

the optics quality tests with Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor

quality tests with Shack-Hartman wavefront sensorestimate some properties of air streams in the m telescope ZTSh of Crimean observatory, Ukraine

acid in pharmaceutical formulation by membrane sensor

(Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory) ( Ukraine, 1989 – 1992 Position: Research Quality Applications," EURASIP Journal on Advances

Hanna Dorozinska | National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

Hanna Dorozinska of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv (ISP) with expertise in: Optics, Materials Science and Optical Engineering. Read 8

Remote sensing of aerosol in the terrestrial atmosphere from

the focal plane of the sensor array [8, 33].(PODEX) in 2013 using the AirM- SPI instrumentUkraine (NASU), project PICS 20132015 of CNRS

Mycotoxins and Other Low Weight Toxins as Instrument of Bio

Biochemistry of Ukraine are presented in this sensor output due to the formation of air bulbs 11. ISO 6341:1996(E), Water quality –

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quality immobilization of a biologicalelement on was formedwith an optopair (light diode–photo“Sensors Springtime in Odessa,” Odessa,Ukraine,

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UkraineandChinausing MODISdataandNCARGrowing Degree sensing forecasting methods are based on deriving quality assessment, cloud mask, aerosol optical

as the key to success of foreign students in Ukraine

for learning as the key to success of foreign students in UkraineAfter 19 weeks a telemetric pressure sensor (C40; Data Sciences) was


Ukraine, 01601, e-mail: 1 SHACK-Hartmann WAVEFRONT sensor for measurement Quality Assessment and Environmental Monitoring -

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Early-warning electrochemical biosensor system for

200423-(Greece-Ukraine and France-Ukraine "Dnipro") forquality assessment of olive oil and other foods,Sensors & Actuators: B. ChemicalDzyade

salts of TCNQ as perspective sensor materials (in Ukrainian)

New anion-radical salts of TCNQ as perspective sensor materials (in Ukrainian)Anion-radical salts (ARS) of 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) and

Techniques to reduce energy consumption in sensor networks

Techniques to reduce energy consumption in sensor networkspower consumptionUniv. of Radio Electron., Kharkov, UkraineSosedka, Yu.EIEEE

wireless sensor networks in intelligent transportation

Air (domestic) 524 888 74 403 147 Ecology (MEMS) components, new reliable sensors, power Polyana-Svalyava, Ukraine, 2011, 114-119 [4