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Solid silicon is deposited onto electrically heated deposition plates by the reduction reaction of gaseous trichlorosilane and hydrogen which are mixed and

approach to test the relative recovery of liquid-phase

(2012) Novel approach to test the relative recovery of liquid-phase standard in sorbent- tube analysis of gaseous volatile organic compounds. Analytical

Gas phase NMR -

in Louisiana, depending largely on shipping cost. from the liquefied phase to the gaseous phase,the North Slope of Alaska to the lower 48 U

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Recovery of ammonia from biomass waste__

C2 -C6 monocarboxylic and dicarboxylic acids are scrubbed from gas phase mixtures of such acids and water by gas absorption

of gaseous nitrous oxide including phosphorus recovery and

gaseous nitrous oxide including phosphorus recovery and nitrite reduction to II. Low Oxygen Phase: While nitrite is typically the end product of microbial

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In CHE, the feedwater absorbs the low L is the latent heat of phase change of waterIn deep-recovery, most of the gaseous watercan

Recovery of hydrocarbons from gas streams

Gas mixtures containing low molecular weight hydrocarbonsrecovery of gaseous hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon-with the adsorbers operated out of phase

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of raw maleic anhydride recovered from gaseous reaction

2007919-recovery unit, of the type wherein the gaseous the solvent phase from the outlet of said secondlow water content, is recycled (line 54

Process for the recovery of nitric oxide from gaseous mixtures

and more specifically to the recovery of nitric oxide and paraffin hydrocarbons from the gaseous reaction products resulting from the vapor r, phase nitration

Optical investigations of the recovery phase for impulse

Optical investigations of the recovery phase for impulse breakdownon the submicrosecond time rangeelectric breakdown of gasesgaseous insulation

Contrasting recovery patterns of 2, 4-dinitrophenylhydrazones

However, in case of acetaldehyde, gaseous Standard-phaseRecoveryThis study evaluates the and valeraldehyde) was approximately 60% low relative

natural gas | Definition, Discovery, Reserves, & Facts |

Natural gas: Natural gas, colorless highly flammable gaseous hydrocarbon consisting primarily of methane an

Process for the treatment of gaseous mixtures, which contain

gaseous phase to the gaseous mixture prior to The cycle losses are thus especially low when | Next Patent (Recovery of sulfur f) ->

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Recovery of metal halides

Disclosed is a method for recovering vaporous metal halides, such as tin chloride, from a gaseous stream by introducing volatile amines, such as ammonia,

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recovery and reuse systems, associated equipment; low ash metallurgical coal and various grades of elemental components are in a gaseous phase (